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BADGER and NMBL Labs publish opinion paper on Wearable Sensing in Ecological Contexts

BADGER Lab members teamed up with UW NMBL colleagues to propose a vision for how and why to use wearable sensors to study human movement in ecological contexts outside the lab. The invited paper is part of a series in Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering (COBME) Guest Edited by Dr. Greg Sawicki (GA Tech) and Dr. He Huang (UNC/NC State).

The paper provides an overview of current and emerging technologies for wearable sensing of movement in space, kinematics of the body, and kinetic actions within the body that drive that movement, as well as methods for influencing that movement. It includes discussion of key ideas for handling such experiments and the data they generate, and highlights current and future challenges facing the field.

The paper was authored by Prof. Adamczyk together with BADGER Lab members Kieran Nichols, Becca Roembke and Yisen Wang, and UW NMBL members Sara Harper, Dr. Alex Reiter and Prof. Darryl Thelen.

P. G. Adamczyk, S. E. Harper, A. J. Reiter, R. A. Roembke, Y. Wang, K. M. Nichols, and D. G. Thelen. “Wearable sensing for understanding and influencing human movement in ecological contexts,” Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering, p. 100492, Jul. 2023, doi: 10.1016/j.cobme.2023.100492.

Early-bird download (through 2023-10-10):