Biomechatronics, Assistive Devices, Gait Engineering, and Rehabilitation Laboratory

August 2020 – Poster Presentations at vASB 2020

Four posters from BADGER lab members and collaborates were presented at the virtual American Society of Biomechanics (vASB) 2020 national conference. BADGER lab collaborator Sara Harper (along with member Becca Roembke) presented Wearable Tendon Kinetics to show research for tracking tendon wave speed in outdoor walking and Michael McGeehan presented A Computational Gait Model With Lower Limb Loss and a Semi-Active Variable-Stiffness Foot Prosthesis to display a validated computer model for the variable stiffness foot (VSF). BADGER lab member Kieran Nichols delivered his prosthetic research with Sensitivity of Mechanical Outcomes to Various Stiffnesses of Variable Stiffness Foot (VSF) and Paul Slaughter contributed his sports-centric Cutting Down on Cutting Injuries: Knee Flexion and ACL Injury Risk at Different Levels of Competitive Women’s Ultimate Frisbee. vASB was originally intended to be held in Atlanta, Georgia but due to issues with the recent pandemic, we virtually participated. If you are interested in the other ASB content, please check out the vASB youtube video compilation.