Biomechatronics, Assistive Devices, Gait Engineering, and Rehabilitation Laboratory

August 2019 – The BADGERs take Calgary!

BADGER Lab students and alumni will make quite a showing at the International Society of Biomechanics/American Society of Biomechanics joint meeting, July 31-Aug 4, 2019 in Calgary, Alberta. The BADGER Lab has 6 Posters and 7 Oral Presentations covering 11 total topics. Two BADGER Lab-related posters are in the running for awards!

Prof. Adamczyk is hosting a mini-symposium on Challenges and resolutions in human motion monitoring with wearables, together with Sue Park of KAIST.

Here’s the expected list of BADGER sightings at ISB 2019:

Weixin Wang – Estimating prosthesis energy storage and return using wearable sensors
Mike McGeehan (U. Oregon) – Integration of a semi-active variable-stiffness lower-limb prosthesis into a musculoskeletal model
Jenna Thorp – Entrainment of Gait Phase in Healthy Subjects during Rhythmic Electrical Stimulation of the Gastrocnemius
Alex Dawson-Elli – Exploring Motor Adaptation and Skill Learning in the Lower Limb with a Haptic Cycle Ergometer
Mike Greene – Control of a semi-active two-axis prosthetic ankle
Paul Slaughter – Ligamentous support and range of motion in the canine cranio-cervical junction: a biomechanical cadaveric study

Oral Presentations:
Becca Roembke – Mechanical and Metabolic Consequences of Trunk Lean Angle in Walking
Hannah Mrazsko – Variable Stiffness Pneumatic Ankle Prosthesis with Self-Recharging for Weight-Lifting Exercises
Paul Slaughter – Frequency and Distribution of Cutting Maneuvers Among Female College Ultimate Frisbee Players
Jenny Leestma – Effects of Prosthetic Forefoot Stiffnesses on the External Mean Ankle Moment Arm (EMAMA) in Different Activities
Peter Adamczyk (and Weixin Wang) – Big Data to Small Data: Using Real-World Wearable Data to Compare Mobility Interventions

The abstracts and schedule are linked from Peter Adamczyk’s ISB 2019 profile page.