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February 2021 – Paper on Modeling the Variable-Stiffness Foot

Congratulations to Mike McGeehan at the University of Oregon for first-authoring a paper on a mechanical model of the Variable-Stiffness Foot. This model runs in MATLAB SimScape Multibody, and aims to incorporate variable-stiffness mechanics into predictive simulations of gait. Dr. McGeehan was advised by Prof. Michael Hahn, and co-authors also included BADGER Lab member Kieran Nichols and director Peter Adamczyk.

M. McGeehan, P. Adamczyk, K. Nichols, and M. E. Hahn, “A Reduced Order Computational Model of a Semi-Active Variable-Stiffness Foot Prosthesis,” Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, Mar. 2021, doi: 10.1115/1.4050456.