Biomechatronics, Assistive Devices, Gait Engineering, and Rehabilitation Laboratory

Sequoyah Walters

UW BADGER Lab Member: May 2019 – Present
B.S. – Physics, West Chester University of Pennsylvania (2019)

In the BADGER Lab, Sequoyah works on knee moment analysis of subjects using a variable stiffness foot prosthesis, and supervises high school students in the design and implementation of multiple robotics projects. His broader research interests include the development and testing of autonomous robots.

Outside of the BADGER Lab, Sequoyah worked as a physics research assistant at West Chester University where he computationally characterized the absorption of single non-spherical aerosol particles.  After graduating, he plans on going to graduate school to study robotics.

In his free time, Sequoyah enjoys playing guitar, practicing Judo and Jiu Jitsu, and eating lots of food.